Saturday, December 1, 2012

Jane Eyre (1997)

So I read Jane Eyre recently, and just watched the movie [the 1997 version], and really enjoyed it. Of course it’s gray [compared to Pride and Prejudice and the like], and this version had some close-up shots that were quite blurry, but over all it was quite enjoyable. I really liked Ciaran Hinds as Mr Rochester! I guess I didn’t like him so much in Persuasion as Captin Wentworth, but he was really good here. Samantha Morton made an okay Jane Eyre…but she was too sweet, and almost too childish for my liking. And whoever was playing Miss Ingram totally did not fit the part. Her voice was raspy and she wasn't pretty at all, and almost seemed modern. 
So, over all, I'd like to watch it again in a while. :D

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